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Mysterious Universe Podcast

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We created Mysterious Universe with the intention of raising the standard of both podcasting and the coverage of unusual topics and stories. Most importantly we wanted to inspire people to view the world from a more open-minded point of reference while still having fun and entertaining at the same time.

Storytelling is at the core of Mysterious Universe and we cover every conceivable topic that could be considered to sit outside the mainstream. From Bigfoot and the alien abduction phenomenon to cutting edge scientific concepts we take a light-hearted balanced approach to everything we present.


When we first started back in 2009, podcasting was in it's infancy and there were very few shows producing content with an emphasis on high-quality research and production values. We wanted to change this and set about using our experience in other industries to achieve this goal. We set an expectation of ourselves to made sure the show is constantly evolving and improving while retaining those core values of excellent production and research.

In creating a unique high-quality production we wanted to offer listeners a form of healthy escapism in the stories we tell, while allowing them to make up their own mind about the concepts presented. Whilst we entertain some topics that could be considered to be "out there" we're not afraid to call out nonsense when we find it. We find this approach to be extremely refreshing with our listeners.

It was important that the show and our listeners be supported by well designed infrastructure. As such we constantly updated our website and commissioned our own iOS and Android apps.

Additionally, our ongoing success demonstrates that podcasting can be a successful long-term business, independent of the restraints of traditional media.


After 34 seasons, Mysterious Universe has become an international success with over 47 million downloads since 2010.

In addition, Mysterious Universe has provided full-time employment for its hosts for over eight years, allowing them to turn a hobby into a successful, throughly enjoyable career.

However the most rewarding results come from the listeners themselves. We have been approached by listeners countless times to be told our podcast has impacted their life in a positive way. Whether it be alleviating the monotony of a boring job or keeping them company during a stressful period in their life, this is what makes it all worthwhile.


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